Friday, October 12, 2007

A Long "Ostrich" Post coming --

I will be posting, a bit later, a long compilation for the "Ostrich Papers" for folks to ponder over the weekend.

As promised, this one tries to compile a comprehensive set of wake-up accusations that are parsed in a particular way, meant to pillory decent-but-obstinate Republicans, by demanding "What would you have done or said if Bill Clinton and the Democrats had..." And then fill in the blanks.

What I could use from volunteers would be:

1) Anything I missed? Suggestions welcome.

2) Links that substantiate some of the items that currently aren't.

3) Suggestions where else this piece might go.

I currently plan to Kos-serialize it, even though I have been disappointed by the reader numbers over there.

It seems a worthy effort. Alas, it seem clear that very few people - and fewer democratic leaders - feel, as I do, that the key to all this is moderate and decent Republicans.

To me, it seems inescapable. Every "ostrich" who comes over will come over MAD! And he or she will infect other Dole-Goldwater types with the same anger toward the gang that has hijacked their party. Moreover, some will be people of influence, possibly rich persons or civil servants or officers capable of blowing whistles. They would legitimize any moderate democrat president and help to de-legitimize neocon fanaticism. Helping to end culture war.

And, as a bonus, aggressively seeking out these people would go right to one wing of Karl Rove's base, forcing the gang to spend time and energy defending it, making peace offerings to Dole-types that are sure to anger OTHER parts of their base.

Can anybody else see the win-win in this strategy? Or else show me how it's wrong?


Anonymous said...

Why don’t you send this to some of the free alternative newspapers like the reader, city beat, etc? It’s written better than most of what is available and as long as they are not paying royalties to you I don’t see why they would object.

Brother Doug

Alex Tolley said...

I think you may be under-estimating the power of cognitive dissonance. You are assuming that the targets are rational and open to the outrage inducible by the logic and emotions of your approach.

Hopefully it will work on enough Americans to make a huge difference, but I doubt it. The election will turn on the issues and how they are framed by each side - The "War on Terror", healthcare, incomes and inequality.

For each of your examples, I could parry them with something made up to create outrage at left-leaning policies and counter the induced outrage.

Ken said...

The biggest problem I've had trying this strategy is the "Hillary factor". One of the few things left to these people that they feel hasn't been hijacked is their anti-Clintonism; in particular, Hillary. The fact that she is the front-runner is an accident of history, but I think is making your scenario much harder to play through. Obama or Edwards (or even Gore!) would be a much easier pill for the people I'm talking to to swallow...I watch them simply lose it when they even consider supporting Hillary. It's bizarre; she's by far my least favorite Democrat, but so much better than any Republican with any chance that it's not even worth considering.

*sigh*...I hope some of these "Ostriches" can get past all this.