Monday, October 04, 2004

initial posting

I've long delayed setting up a blog because of the inevitable time sink involved.

But as I'm about to post a pretty hard-hitting political salvo before the November election, it seemed appropriate to set up a venue for people to respond and discuss some of the issues that I raised.

So here goes....


Xponent said...

Seems to be working on this end now.


Rich said...

Now that I don't have to fight my way through the corporate censorware that was blocking the comments system, allow me to be the second to welcome you to the blogosphere!

Steve Sloan said...

It looks pretty good in Mozilla Firefox 1.0 Preview Release.

Peakster said...

Go for it, David.

Jonathan Andrew Sheen said...

One thing that I think deserves mention in the section on "Character."

The current administration took power after an election in which a clear and undisputed majority of the voters voted against it, and for its opposition. Even taking as a given that the Florida vote was entirely proper and above-board (and all indications are that it was not) and that the Electoral COllege is a good thing, which I think we'l agree is open to question, the popular vote gave a clear majority to Gore.

What does it say, then, to the character of this administration that, rather than respect the expressed will of the people of this nation, and govern with the circumspection such a vote clearly calls for, they immediately and vigorously enacted a far-right-wing agenda that -- long before 9/11 -- was doing huge damage to our environment, gutting the ability of our government to provide the services we have it in place for, and making serious inroads into our civil liberties?

And what does it say to his character that, when challenged on the topic, the President responded that "The American People have spoken," as if they'd given him some sort of mandate, rather than saying clearly, "We prefer the other guy, and his agenda."?

Tony Fisk said...

"The American People have spoken", eh?

It's far better than the alternatives currently on offer(as Churchill once said), but I have to wonder what sort of democracy it is where the people are permitted to speak but a single monosyllable every leap year.

Oh, and happy blogging, David! I only started a couple of months ago, and find it quite... clarifying to put my thoughts down somewhere.
You're right about the 'timesink', though!