Saturday, October 23, 2004

More Conservative Defections

Some have complained that the American Conservative is not entirely representative of the conservative movement. I note that's true. It represents one wing. Interestingly, it was founded partly in a feud with William F. Buckley... who has also defected from supporting George W. Bush. Thanks for pointing out how wide is the spectrum of conservatives who - for various reasons - have come to realise that The Bush administration has very little to do with classic American values, and everyting to do with maniacal, moronic kleptocracy.

So, beyond those I cited earlier, here is just a sampling of other conservatives jumping ship, in an exodus unlike any other that I have seen in American political history:

John Eisenhower re: fiscal irresponsibility.

William F. Buckley re: an irresponsible war based on deceit.

Core conservative establishment figure George Will, Representative Henry Hyde, GOP lobbyist Stephen Moore and conservative commentator Tucker Carlson have all joined the tide, turning away from bizarre neocons bent on repeating every mistake of Vietnam.

A former special assistant to Ronald Reagan and Heritage Foundation Fellow ponders real conservatism.

And now...Jesse "The Body" Ventura endorses John "The Brain" Kerry.. .

Finally, there is this devastating recent survey. It shows that a majority of Bush supporters simply do not know what their man stands for.

 By large majorities, they misunderstand his positions on dozens of issues, showing just how much of this election is (from their perspective) about "culture war" and not about normal disagreements over policy. In contrast, Kerry voters appear to have a fairly accurate impression of his positions on a spectrum of issues. Stunning, given the rhetoric over "waffling".


Shane said...

Buckley may think the war was a mistake, but I don't see anywhere in that article where it says he's voting for Kerry. I think that needs to be considered--that even though he disagrees with the president on one issue, he's still voting for him.


Anonymous said...

I'm happy to see that you have jumped into the fray with a blog. Though I wouldn't dare to characterize such pillars of conservatism as rats, the ship seems to be sinking nonetheless. I'd also like to throw another term with regards to the president that was often employed against his father, "Out of touch". That is unless you believe that Fox News is truly fair and balanced, since that is his avowed solitary source for news and world events.

and since I'm not registered with blogspot, a blog not always suited to reasonable sanity.

Urijah said...

It shows that a majority of Bush supporters simply do not know what their man stands for.Actually, it shows that hidden biases in questions can lead to biased results. See


Jim Rohrich said...

Dr. Brin,

Enjoy your books and viewpoints. I voted for Bush and live in a red state. One issue that is not being discussed here much (sorry if I missed it), is the perception in the red states that the Democratic Party has been hijacked by the Michael Moore and George Soros types. I don't like Bush's fiscal policies. I don't like his stance on stem cell research. And I think he could be doing a lot better job in Iraq. But there is no way, and I mean no way, I'm voting for a candidate who presents the Hollywood elite as representatives of middle America values. And won't distance himself from the excesses of Hollywood or Moore/Soros. Or won't discuss his 20 year Senate record in any kind of detail.
Another point, it might be a good idea for the "elitists" in the blue states to tone down the condescending attitudes towards the folks living in the red states. All that is going to do is reinforce the viewpoint in red America that liberals (Democrats) are out of touch with middle America. And aren't willing to discuss their differences like adults because they are a bunch of sore losers. I think the Democrats need to look hard at what they stand for and how that relates to middle class America. There is a reason why there are no moderate Democrats at the national level anymore. And it's not because there's a vast right wing conspiracy out to get the Democratic Party.